Kiln Dried Hardwood

Why Buy Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs?

With less moisture (less than 20%) we offer more log to burn meaning:

  • Longer lasting

  • Higher heat output

  • Cleaner Burning

This will save you time and money compared to seasoned hardwood/softwood, less water content keeps your burner looking cleaner and your flu reduced from soot and tar which is the main cause of fire within homes.

Here at Clitheroe logs when buying your hardwood at less than 20% moisture we guarantee you an insect free, better burning, longer lasting and trouble free fire, giving you real value for money.


Volume (m2) Price per m2 Delivery Charge
1 Dumpy Bag £124 £5
2 Dumpy Bags £114 each £5
3 Dumpy Bags £110 each £5
4 Dumpy Bags £105 each £5
5 Dumpy Bags £105 each £5
6 Dumpy Bags £105 each £5
7 Dumpy Bags £105 each £5
8 Dumpy Bags £100 each Free
9 Dumpy Bags £96 each Free
10 Dumpy Bags £90 each Free
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